Our Weekly Pool Services

Chemical Only
$99per month
  • Test Water Chemistry
  • Add All Needed Chemicals
Skimming / Full Service
$225 - $255per month
  • Test Water Chemistry
  • Add All Needed Chemicals
  • Brush Tiles, Steps, Walls
  • Empty Cleaner Bag, Skimmer & Pump Baskets
  • Check Equipment & Filter Pressure
  • 1 Free Service Call Per Month
  • Skim Surface For Debris
  • Vacuum As Needed For Full Service

What Chemicals are Included In the Services?

Unlike alot of pool companies we include all chemicals in our services:
Chlorine Tablets, Liquid Chlorine, Ph Down, Ph Up, Calcium, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Clarifier, Algaecide. We believe in giving your pool what it needs and not charging extra for it. There is one charge one time a year at the beginning of the season for 2 special chemicals which most companies don’t use but makes for a better pool. One is a metal and mineral binder to protect the surface and the other is Phosphate remover which takes out organic material from the water, usual charge is a mere $30 once a year we simply pass along the cost of the two chemicals used.

Other Services To Keep Your Pool Running Great